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Federation Seeks Solutions to Immigrant Influx

Agencies within the Gallente Federation have in recent weeks been engaged in staving off potential problems posed by the steadily escalating influx of Matari immigrants to regions bordering the two nations.

According to a report released by the Federal Immigration Advisory Board to the Gallente Senate yesterday, the inhabitant figures of population centers in the Gallente Border Zone and Nexus constellations have swelled considerably in the past two months, even more so if the presumed number of illegal immigrants is factored in.

The report warns that "a large-scale ingress of displaced societal elements can and very often does contribute to slum formation, increasing crime rates and the drawing of hard cultural lines across areas previously unaffected by racial tensions." It further proposes that the Senate divert significant funds towards fiscal benefits for immigrants, outlining several legislature drafts for Senate consideration.

"We do agree that there is a potential problem looming there," stated Mentas Blaque, Gallente Senate head, at a press conference this morning.

Matari-Gallente Exodus May Be Underway, New Study Says

Researchers at the University of Caille today published a study warning that a mass population exodus from Republic territories may be imminent. According to numbers published in the Federation's Year 107 Census Index, the influx of Matari immigrants into Federation-controlled regions, a figure with little historic variation, has within the past six months swelled to near sevenfold inflation figures from earlier periods.

The report cites increasing unemployment numbers, an ailing economy, and the increased influence of organized crime groups on the Matari population as the primary motivations of the exodus.
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